RED RIBBON WEEK (October 24th - 28th 2022)




Red Ribbon Week is an opportunity to educate youth about the importance of embracing a drug-free lifestyle and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.

For Red Ribbon Week, there are several student led activities and competitions throughout the week.

The Student Principal Advisory Council and Simpson PTSA have partnered to offer several fun events for the students and staff next week. Visit the website for the official Red Ribbon Campaign for additional details:


PTSA would like to thank parent volunteers and the Student Principal Advisory Committee who helped decorate the school grounds and inside to help spread awareness. Check out these pictures of Decorations around school.



Coloring Contest: 6th - Abby R, Lily N, Lilly B, Sidhaarth P and Grand Prize to Stella C
7th – Raina P, Tanisi C, Abrina C, Parker H and Grand Prize to Katey C
8th – Maddox B, Hamzah A, John W, Liv K and Grand Prize to Ela K 
Essay Contest: 6th – Lauren G, 7th – Lexi M, 8th, Neil W and Grand Prize to Seetha G 
Door Decorating Contest (pizza party winners): 6th Evans, 7th Gust and 8th Noland
Squad Goals: 8th grade Minions