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Fundraising On The Go

The PTSA helps our school sponsor programs, purchase technology and materials, and recognize our students, teachers and staff that are not in the school budget.  All PTSA funds come from memberships, donations, spirit store sales, and school supply kits.


You can support Simpson PTSA with free donations while you shop.  We have a partnership with these stores to bring a percentage of your purchase back to Simpson Middle PTSA.  Please consider signing up for these programs. 

Earn Free Money for Simpson while you Grocery Shop in these 2 quick and easy ways!

Kroger Community Awards – just shop at Kroger & swipe your card
Step 1 – Go to Kroger Community Rewards by clicking here.
Step 2 – Set up an Account if you don't already have one or Sign into your account
Step 3 – Select Simpson Middle School (organization #RD175) and click "Enroll"
Step 4 – Stock up on groceries and scan your Kroger Plus Card (or enter your phone number) at check-out & Kroger will donate a percentage to Simpson.



Publix Partners Sign up today! No more commitment cards needed.

Step 1 – Sign up for a Publix.com account (if you don’t already have one)
Step 2 – Select PUBLIX Partner in the task bar. (scroll to far right)
Step 3 – choose Simpson Middle School.
Step 4 – Enter your phone number in the keypad each time you checkout at Publix. It is that easy to contribute!