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Instructions to access your PTSA membership card Access Card

Georgia & National PTA made the move to digital membership cards this year. You can print out a copy if you choose, or screenshot your card and show it to receive PTA discounts when available.

PTA membership cards are now available in the web-based version of MemberHub.


To locate and print your Simpson Middle School PTSA membership card, use the following steps:


1. Log in to MemberHub at https://simpsonptsa.memberhub.com/


2. Enter the email address you used to sign up for PTSA. *if you are a Membership Toolkit user, this is the email you use for logging in to Membership Toolkit.


3. Select "My Profile" and click on the membership card icon on the right side, which will be on your profile page. The membership card will be displayed. Download the pdf and print.


4. Also recommended: log-in on your mobile device (from the web-based version, NOT the app) take a screenshot and save it.


We are very excited to announce that Digital membership cards are now available through the Membership Toolkit App.

Membership Toolkit App is available for free in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Download it one time for all of the organizations that you are affiliated with that are using the Membership Toolkit.



Viewing a Digital Membership Card:

  • Open the Membership Toolkit App on your mobile device.
  • Log in and select your organization.
  • On the Landing Page select the button for "Membership Card." (this button will only display if the standard buttons are enabled on the app welcome screen)

Or, you can click the 3 bars in the top left-hand corner to access the Mobile App Menu:

  • Next, click the "Settings" wheel at the top right of the menu screen to access your Account Settings.
  • Scroll down and select "Membership Status."
  • On the Membership Information screen, select "Show Card."
  • See attached photos for examples and guidance.


                       Mobile App Digital Membership Card Mobile App Digital Membership Card aMobile App Digital Membership Card b

Membership Benefits

When you join the PTSA, you are not only helping Simpson Middle School run its programs for your student/s, you also receive benefits such as coupons with your membership card and discounts at many local businesses within Cobb County. 


As a PTSA member at Simpson Middle School you receive access to our secure online directory and all of the benefits below.


ECCC PTA Membership Benefits CLICK HERE