Fitness First Saturday – Keep resolutions and upcoming Health and Wellness  program – SJD Health and Fitness 


Student health and well being to be supported via activities and programs throughout the year. Mental health wellness will also be addressed. 


💌 Our PTSA Health and Wellness chair Shonda shares a "Motivation Monday" message which could also be a "Daily Motivation Vitamin" throughout the week. 


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march - may upcoming FUn RUNs

Health and Wellness committee chair Shonda has curated a list of all of the fun runs/jogs/walks coming up in the next few months if your family is interested in participating


February 6th - Family Engagement Night (click on link for details)


💌 PTSA Health and Wellness chair Shonda shares tools to employ now to stay heart healthy. This is very relevant material to remind all of us the importance of caring for ourselves. 


1. Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart: Managing stress is good for your health and well-being. During stressful situations, our bodies release adrenaline (a hormone that temporarily causes our breathing and heart rate to speed up, along with increasing our blood pressure), which puts us in 'fight or flight' mode. Constant stress can damage your heart. Sitting still and taking deep breaths when we encounter a stressful situation can really help to provide relief in the moment.


2. Physical Activity for a Healthy Heart: When you are physically active, you not only strengthen the muscles you see, but you also strengthen your heart as well. Your heart is the ultimate muscle, pumping blood to your lungs and throughout your entire body. Regular physical activity aids in maintaining heart health and is always more fun when you have a friend by your side.


3. Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart: Yes, we should all be eating our fruits and veggies, but healthy eating is so much more than that. Fueling your body with balanced nutrition, including those fruits and veggies but also whole grains and lean proteins, help to reduce your risk of heart disease and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, all of which benefit your heart health.


4. Manage Stress with hugs, walks, deep breaths, support, sleep for a Healthy Heart: Stress management, care and compassion for others, physical activity, sitting still and taking deep breaths, identifying your support network, getting rest ... these are all beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart.


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November & december


Heading out of the house over the holidays to explore some trails in Georgia? Check out this list of hikes and healthy snacks to keep on hand.





If you are in town on November 23 (Thanksgiving) and December 16, we would love for you to join us for a couple of 5Ks this Fall/Winter.
Health and Wellness Chair Shonda has created Team: Best Self Warriors, so please sign up with us using the links below. Looking forward to seeing many Simpson families out there! 

MUST Ministries Gobble Jog 2023 --> Signup here

Marietta Square: Thursday November 23, 2023 - 9am 


Dashing Through the Square 2023 --> Signup here

Marietta Square: Saturday December 16, 2023 - 7:30am


October 10th - Family Engagement Night (click on link for details)


Check out the Health & Wellness 2022-23 page